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Lauren Prichard, CEO

There are so many needs in this world and we can't meet all of them, but we can do our best to meet the ones around us. We try to do our part to help people see that they are loved and important, no matter who they are. Our mission is to serve God and our community by caring for those around us. That covers everyone from our employees and agents to clients and vendors. 

Aborn Powers provides commercial and residential real estate services, as well as property management. In these roles, we interact with a lot of people. We seek to have relationships that go beyond work to create a lasting impact on the people and the communities around us. 

Our goal is to turn real estate transactions into a pleasant experience, whether that's for a renter, homeowner, businessperson or investor. We all need to know someone has our back and is doing their best for us. We want to fill that role.



"When you take the time to get involved, you see how broken and hurting people are and how much help is needed,” says Lauren Prichard, owner and CEO of Aborn Powers, Inc., a full service real estate company. “The purpose of our company is to lift up the communities around us.” The firm lives by its mission, “To serve God and our communities by caring for those around us.” 

Prichard’s vision for Aborn Powers was to create a real estate company that provides an integrated solution, giving clients a single point of contact for all commercial, residential and property management services. “We can help you anywhere in your real estate journey, whether you’re starting with a house or already own a portfolio.” 


Service and compassion are at the heart of Aborn Powers. Prichard has empowered each of the firm’s teams to support a charity, including the Boys & Girls Club El Dorado County Western Slope, New Beginnings Gold Country, Pregnancy Counseling Services, and Buckeye Elementary School in Shingle Springs. The support is not just financial, but hands-on as well. The company recently completed its third annual fundraising event, Freedom in the Fall, to support Agape International Missions in rescuing girls from sex trafficking. 


Prichard’s goal is to continue to expand Aborn Powers, allowing it to be involved in more communities and bless more people. “We have the opportunity to really improve our communities. As businesspeople, we should strive to make a difference,” she says.

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