SB 329 (Mitchell)

Urge Your Senator to Oppose Legislation that Forces Landlords to Participate in Section 8!


SB 329 (Mitchell

An interesting law has been proposed that could vastly change the landscape of real estate and real estate investing here in California.

Under current law, it is illegal to discriminate against a prospective tenant based on the applicant’s source of income. At present, however, Section 8 housing vouchers do not legally meet the source-of-income standard. SB 329 will force all landlords to take Section 8 housing. That means that the ADA requirements for that property will change and the landlord would now be required to offer and pay for ADA compliance for any unit on that property.

In an article from the California Association of Realtors C.A.R. “OPPOSES SB 329 (Mitchell) because it effectively forces ALL residential rental property owners to participate in the voluntary Section 8 housing program by entering into a legally binding contract with a government agency – the provisions of which may be extremely difficult to fulfill. “

SB 329 will be considered as early as TODAY! DO NOT SIT IDLY BY.

SB 329 will be considered as early as TODAY! DO NOT SIT IDLY BY.

Call your Senator TODAY!
Urge a NO Vote on SB 329.

Call 1-855-215-0152

Enter your NRDS ID or PIN number followed by the # sign to be connected to your legislator’s office. When the staff answers the phone, you can use the following script:  
“Hi, this is (insert your name). I’m a REALTOR® from your district. Please ask the Senator to Vote No on SB 329. Don’t force rental property providers into contractual obligations that they may not be able to meet.”

Important history surrounding SB329:

Governor Brown vetoed a bill similar to SB 329 last year. Governor Brown vetoed SB 1427 last year. SB 1427 only included Section 8 “HUD-VASH” vouchers while SB 329 is far more expansive in that it includes ALL Section 8 vouchers. In his veto message for SB 1427, Governor Brown stated: “… this bill goes too far. Specifically, it forces landlords and property owners to take part in what has always been a voluntary federal program with numerous requirements. These include registration with a local housing authority, participation in training, property inspections and modification of leases to conform with federal standards. I don’t believe a mandate to comply with all these requirements is warranted.”

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