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Riverside Property Management Services

We make investing in property easier and more profitable for you.


Managing properties throughout California

Owning and managing investments in residential and commercial property requires a wide range of expertise in real estate management: from marketing, contract administration, construction project management (in all building trades) to maintenance services, labor relations and building code/regulation compliance, among many others.  In addition to being able to manage and maintain the real estate, however, there is a human side to management that also requires an expertise.

The Aborn Powers team demonstrates expertise in all these areas and has a proven track record of success in the profitable management of our own commercial and residential property portfolios.  Since we have walked in the shoes of both owners and managers of investment properties, we have a unique understanding of the challenges and concerns that owners face while trying to effectively manage their investment goals.

With over 20 years of experience managing properties throughout the state of California, we know how to optimize potential increases in return on investment for commercial and residential properties through efficient yet personalized property management strategies.

Our strategies are designed to meet the goal of 100% occupancy by filling vacancies promptly, minimizing time loss and other costs related to tenant turnover.  We’re also focused on ensuring that rents reflect current market analysis and are paid on time, while proactively identifying and resolving potential tenant and/or property issues quickly. Strategies include:

  • Monitoring properties for maintenance needs, and responding swiftly so property values are maximized
  • Targeted marketing and advertising to find the most suitable tenants
  • Detailed screening processes to effectively match tenants’ needs with property features/benefits and decrease tenant turnover
  • An emphasis on building relationships with internal and external customers through frequent and open communication
  • Cost effective, prompt maintenance and unit/building/common area upgrades to maintain high quality properties that attract new tenants and encourage lease renewal with existing tenants
  • Solid network of vendor relationships with established sources that provide competitive pricing and delivery of high quality construction services
  • Vigilant processes to monitor property condition and to ensure compliance with changes in applicable codes, standards and regulations

Benefits of Aborn Powers and our Personalized Property Management Services in Riverside, CA

At Aborn Powers we can do the same things that all the other property management companies can do, but we don’t want to simply do what everybody else does. That’s not why we’re in business; we want our clients to feel that we’ve listened with a wise and experienced sensitivity to their needs and wants; that we fundamentally understand their deepest concerns and that we’re here to protect them and their investments as if they belong to us. We’ve been centered around this philosophy for over 20 years and we believe it shows in everything we do, especially when it comes to our personalized approach to property management. See for yourself:

  • The details matter.  At Aborn Powers, we have built processes and procedures so that details don’t fall through the cracks and we consistently evaluate these processes so that we’re accommodating for changes in the industry as well as the broader economy and our owner’s needs.
  • You’re in the driver’s seat.  We collaborate with you on your annual management plan, goals and budget, but you maintain executive control of the projects while leaving the hands-on management responsibilities to Aborn Powers.
  • Communication is key.  Our unified Aborn Powers team communicates weekly and can provide both regularly scheduled updates as well as immediate updates if necessary.  You will consistently know the status of your property management plan, and you have the flexibility to make changes as you acquire or sell properties or as your property management needs change.
  • We don’t take it lightly.  Aborn Powers is dedicated to providing a team of professionals that are 100% aligned with treating your property as if it was their own. No detail goes unnoticed and yet budgets are strictly adhered to; your investment goals become their investment goals.

Riverside Area Information

Riverside's economy consists largely of light-industry and generates a range of products including aircraft components, automotive parts, gas cylinders, electronic equipment, food products, and medical devices. Supporting the manufacturing sector are several industrial parks, including those in the Hunter Industrial Park, Sycamore Canyon Industrial Park and Airport Industrial Areas. As the county seat of Riverside County and the most populous city in the Inland Empire, Riverside also houses several legal, accounting, engineering, and banking firms.

The city of Riverside has 28 designated "neighborhoods" within the city limits. These neighborhoods include Airport, Alessandro Heights, Arlanza, Arlington, Arlington Heights, Arlington South, Canyon Crest, Casa Blanca, Downtown, Eastside, Grand, Hawarden Hills, Hillside Hunter Industrial Park, La Sierra, La Sierra Acres, La Sierra Hills, La Sierra South, Magnolia Center, Mission Grove, Northside, Orangecrest, Presidential Park, Ramona, Sycamore Canyon Park, Sycamore Canyon Springs, University, Victoria and Wood Streets. Source from Wikipedia.

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