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Preparing Properties for Summer: Your Maintenance Checklist



Summer is coming and as property owners, that means preparing and preventing your investment from damage caused by the hot sun and dry conditions. As experienced property managers, we at Aborn Powers are happy to share our handy summer maintenance checklist to help you protect your investment and keep your property looking beautiful throughout the hot season. Check out the list below!


Summer Property Maintenance Checklist



  • Replace cracked/ damaged glass in all windows and doors

  • Add weather stripping where necessary

  • Check seals on doors and windows

  • Clean and reseal outdoor concrete and wood

  • Look for rot or termites on wood floorboards, replace if necessary

  • Fix broken or loose railings

  • Have a professional inspect the structural support of porches, patios, decks, etc.

  • Inspect siding for any loose or missing panels

  • Repair wall joints and any minor cracks

  • Remove, sand and refinish deteriorating wood finishes

  • Touch up or repaint where necessary

  • Repair crumbling and damaged mortar

  • Replace any missing roof tiles or shingles

  • Repair damaged soffit panels

  • Clean and repair all gutters

  • Install gutter guards where necessary


  • Clean or replace your furnace or air-handler filters, such as when they begin to look clogged with dust

  • Clean the A/C condenser coils from leaves, yard debris and dirt

  • Clean and clear debris from the base of condenser

  • Clear the drain inside the condenser

  • Cut and remove weeds or plants that may obstruct airflow through the condenser unit

  • Check the coolant lines

  • Repair or replace any damaged pipe insulation

  • Replaced areas where the insulation is frayed or missing

  • Clean the supply vents and return grills from debris

  • Test the A/C unit:

    • Let unit dry thoroughly after cleaning

    • Turn the thermostat to OFF

    • Turn ON the power at the disconnect box

    • Turn ON the power at the main panel

    • Switch the thermostat to COOL and set temperature


  • Inspect sprinkler system and drip feeds for leaks, make repairs where necessary

  • Verify drip emitters are firmly in place

  • Check and repair sprinkler heads that are not working properly, such as spraying in the wrong area

  • Reconnect any hoses that were removed during the winter months

  • Adjust watering schedules

  • Make sure timers are properly working

  • Replace dead plants that did not make it through the winter season

Does this sound like a lot? Not to worry, with Aborn Powers as your property manager, we take care of all this and more.

If you have any questions on how to prepare your properties for the summer, please contact us today. With over 20 years of experience managing residential and commercial properties through all seasons, we treat your investments as if they are our own!



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May 24, 2017


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