Meet Our Team

Aborn Powers is your real estate team.

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Mark Smith - Director of Sales

Being a Real Estate Professional is the best job on the face of the planet!

I have been entrepreneurial most of my life, starting a company when I was twenty-three and my second company in my late twenties. The second company was much more successful and operated for fifteen years, manufacturing and selling industrial equipment to other manufacturers around the country with a few installations in faraway countries like Australia and Russia.

The real joy of being an entrepreneur comes from working with people, helping them solve problems that make their lives and businesses better.  This is what I am privileged to do every day at Aborn Powers, working with people that want to get involved in the real estate business or helping other business owners find or invest in a piece of property to operate their companies from.

When I am not working I spend every second possible with my wife and three kids.  Most of our weekend family time is spent on youth sporting activities and attending our local church.


Chandler Eden

I entered my first entrepreneurial career in 2017 doing financial planning in Sacramento, CA.  During my time in that field, I found that I had a knack for building relationships, and working closely with clients to add value to their financial lives.  I was attracted to commercial real estate because I am able to represent my clients in a similar way, but in an industry in which I am more passionate about.

Prior to becoming a working professional, I had a collegiate and professional baseball career. I was selected in the MLB draft three times but I played my professional career with the Los Angeles Dodgers after they drafted me in 2016.  I also played college baseball and graduated with a degree from Texas Tech University.  Wreck em!

Outside of work, I enjoy eating at my favorite restaurants, going to Sacramento Kings games, playing golf, and spending time with family and friends.