Five Things Your Property Manager Should Be Doing

Do you own residential or commercial property and have a manager to oversee the day-to-day operations? You’ve given great trust to this individual or company to care for your investment and you want to make sure they’re performing to the highest standard. We believe there are several things your property manager should always be taking care of to ensure you are getting the most out of your property investment.

Aborn Power’ Top Five Things Your Property Manager Should be Doing


A property manager should hold responsibility for negotiations with tenants of your property. There is no reason for you to stress about an agreement on a contract, or worry that you’re getting market value for your rental. In addition, a property manager should be clear with you, the investor, for management costs. Be aware of hidden fees and other costs that you don’t expect. There should always be complete transparency.

Aborn Powers works with your needs and specifically your property to customize an individual package just for you. Our team comes together with building owners to create long-term solutions that work. This lets you choose a path that allows you to see the greatest potential return on your investment.


Marketing is something your property manager should be doing! Advertising property and actively looking for tenants can become a full-time job if you are new to investing or simply do not have the time for it. A property manager takes over these pain points and consistently keeps the space rented as best as possible. On the off-times it is vacant, the manager should be actively advertising through real estate forums, social media, and so on. A property manager shouldn’t be sitting back and charging you when you are not making money. Finding the best tenants is a mark of a great management company. This builds a long-term connection for a successful relationship between all parties.

Aborn Powers scrupulously screens tenants to protect you. Our team checks credit scores and rental history to make sure there are no red flags. It may be easy to fill a space, but we look for someone who is looking to find a rental home, where they look forward to taking care of the space and enjoy having a clean and comfortable place to live or work, even though they may not own the property. (Such rental unicorns do exist! You just have to know how to look for them.) In addition, at Aborn Powers, we pride ourselves on a phenomenal record of long-term rentals for both commercial and residential spaces.


Communication is key to any type of relationship! There should always be easy communication between a property management agency and the property owner so no questions are left unanswered. This includes answering the phone when you have a concern and responding to emails in a timely manner. Regular statements should be sent to the investor so they know exactly how much they are being charged as well as an update on their property when maintenance is required.

Aborn Powers strives for great communication in all we do. We offer an online portal for owners to log in and see their information plus get updates on their properties as well as responsive and attentive reps to connect with owners as much as they need to feel confident their property is in good hands. Better yet, our owner often meets for lunch with clients to keep things fun (and yummy!) and make sure we are staying on top of every one of your needs.


A dedicated and responsible property manager should take care of the property’s typical maintenance without involving you. This includes consistent upkeep of the property as well as emergency responsiveness when tenants reach out, even after-hours. Property managers have a team of people who can handle repairs when needed. This relieves you from hearing from tenants unhappy with their home or you having to badger your property manager to fix or maintain something on the property they should be closely overseeing.

Aborn Powers’ maintenance team is focused on staying ahead of clients’ needs, like care of preventative maintenance. We ensure that there is minimal downtime and tenants are not inconvenienced at your property. We offer suggestions on larger projects that may increase the value and life of the property as needed. Tenants even have the liberty of reporting an issue online or calling an emergency number for urgent repairs.


Finally, a property manager should have experience! When hiring a property manager you should make sure that they have relevant experience, meaning they have a history of managing your type of property. For instance, managing single-family homes is different than an apartment complex and both are widely different than a commercial space. Find someone who can offer the experience and expertise that fits your needs without compromising.

Aborn Powers has decades of experience managing a range of properties year round. Plus, we even own and manage our own properties, so we know the headaches that come with ownership. Therefore, we take a unique approach to management, ensuring a seamless experience so tenants’ businesses flourish and investments are cared for.

Are you in need of a property manager that meets all of the above criteria? Our team would be happy to manage your space as if it was our own. Your investment is our investment. Contact Aborn Powers today!  

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