Commercial Property Management

How Can Personalized Commercial Property Management Benefit You?

Commercial properties are complex and detailed. As property owners we understand how important it is to carefully select the business tenant, evaluate and inspect properties monthly, perform preventative maintenance, as well as accurately project expenses for your investment. We evaluate capital improvement projects such as paving parking lots or exterior painting. We develop a schedule of replacement and research pricing and property values so that we can recommend appropriate steps throughout the life of your investment.

At Aborn Powers, we want our clients to feel that we’ve listened with a wise and experienced sensitivity to their needs and wants. We work to fundamentally understand their deepest concerns and we’re here to protect them and their investments as if they belong to us. We’ve built our company and strategies around this philosophy and it shows in everything we do.

  • The details matter to us. At Aborn Powers, we have built processes and procedures so that details don’t fall through the cracks and we consistently evaluate these processes so that we’re accommodating for changes in the industry as well as the broader economy and our owner’s needs.
  • You’re in the driver’s seat. We collaborate with you on your annual management plan, goals and budget, but you maintain executive control of the projects while leaving the hands-on management responsibilities to Aborn Powers.
  • Communication is key. Our unified Aborn Powers team communicates weekly and can provide both regularly scheduled updates as well as immediate updates if necessary. You will consistently know the status of your property management plan, and you have the flexibility to make changes as you acquire or sell properties or as your property management needs change.

We don’t take commercial properties lightly.  Aborn Powers is dedicated to providing a team of professionals that are 100% aligned with treating your property as if it was our own. No detail goes unnoticed and yet budgets are strictly adhered to; your investment goals become our investment goals.

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