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Cathy Lacy - Thursday, July 07, 2016

Marlene Balch the property manager of Grand Avenue Plaza in Santa Ana, Ca, would like to introduce New Start Nutrition one of the tenants at 2525 N. Grand Ave., Unit T, at our plaza. Kelly and Ryan are the owners and operators of the business. They host a variety of health items. Kelley is there daily to Introduce you to their products. Her knowledge and education in nutrition will impress you. She can get you started on the correct health program. They opened in February of 2015 and have built a large following.

New Start Nutrition is a nutrition club with the sole purpose of assisting in improving the well-being of our members. We accomplish this goal by providing products and knowledge as well as an outlet to communicate with our health coaches to meet the needs of our members. We provide healthy meal replacement shakes, energizing tea, and delicious aloe as part of a total health program. We also retail supplements vitamins and minerals through our distributorship with Herbalife.

  1. How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

    Kelley and I got the concept from previous Nutrition Clubs that are all throughout the world. Kelley had previously worked at a Nutrition Club and has always had the aspiration to run her own club. Previously I was a client of Kelley’s and made it a ritual to have my nutritious shake almost every day. When the right opportunity presented itself we both decided that opening our own nutrition club was the logical step forward for both of us.

  2. What has been your largest hurdle as a business owner?

    The largest hurdle we had to overcome as business owners was the endless tasks required to open. From permitting to construction to inspection making sure we abide by all rules and regulations was something I underestimated the complexity and time to complete all the steps.

  3. How do you hope to grow your business?

    We hope to grow our business through satisfied customers who are looking to achieve their health goals. Happy customers are great ambassadors for our business and the most effective way at increasing our sales. We provide a comprehensive nutritional program with guidance 100% of the way.

  4. Is social media a large part of advertising your business?

    Social media influence is a major part of our business. We are active on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp. Being able to connect with our members in ways such as social media creates the warm atmosphere we believe is key to our business.

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