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Spot in Signs QA for AbornPowers

Cathy Lacy - Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It is with great pleasure that Armen Bezjian, Aborn’s Property Manager is excited to introduce to you Bill and Trish Tratos from Spot-On Signs & Graphics. “No matter what message you’re looking to convey, Spot-On Signs & Graphics can create the sign that will say it best.” Spot-On Signs & Graphics is located at 6166 Enterprise Dr. Ste. G, Diamond Springs, CA 95667. Bill and Trish have been faithful tenants for over 5 years. A big “thanks” to Trish Tratos for taking the time to answer a few questions about their professional business. Aborn Powers appreciates Spot-On Signs & Graphics for being a fantastic tenant.

Why did you choose to go into this business?

When we decided to open our own business we looked at many different types of businesses. A sign company appealed to us in several ways. We saw signage as a way to help other businesses succeed and since both of us have strong customer service backgrounds, that part of it was very appealing. We also wanted to become a part of the local business community we live in. Since signage is business-to-business we have gotten to know a good many of our fellow business owners.

What has been the biggest hurdle as a business owner?

By far, the biggest hurdle has been learning to wear so many hats! There are so many sides to owning a business and each one is extremely important.

What services or products do you offer?

We are a full-service sign company which means we do small things like lettering on a truck and soccer banners to more complex signage like illuminated channel letters or ADA compliant signs and anything in between. We can even print custom wallpaper! We can help with any type of interior or exterior signage a business needs.

Is social media a large part of advertising for your business?

Yes but it is a challenge to find the time for it. We put photos of work we complete on our Facebook page and promote the business we did the work for. That way we are not “selling” on social media, but people get to see the kinds of things we do. We have a blog and a news-feed on our website. Every week we distribute a “SignByte”, an interesting fact about signage, to our website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn via HooteSuite.

What made you choose your current location?

We chose a business park location for a couple of reasons. Of course the cost for industrial / light industrial space is less than a high traffic location. In researching the business we also learned that being in a high traffic location brought in a lot of small walk-in jobs that ate up time and overhead without adequate return. We were fortunate to find a unit that was partially built out with office space as we needed office space, an interior production area as well as a workshop for saws, etc.

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