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Property Evaluations

We complete extensive evaluations of new properties so we are sure we know the property well and can care for it accordingly. We maintain a monthly inspection of the property (or more often as needed) assessing overall condition. We check for liability issues, vendor issues, tenant compliance and maintain tenant relations. Our teams are also trained to understand the basics of property value as well, keeping an eye on areas of concern that could impact property values, whether it’s changing neighborhood conditions or accessibility issues.

Tenant Selection

We pride ourselves on our careful selection of each applicant. A thorough screening is completed with every applicant, including verifying application information, credit checks, prior rental history inquiries and employment verifications. In addition to the screening processes, our managers are trained to interview potential tenants and listen for discrepancies that may indicate a misrepresentation of information. Our goal of each screening is to set both the tenant and the property up for success from the beginning.

Capital Improvement Schedule

As property owners we understand how important it is that you’re able to accurately project expenses for your investment. That’s why we evaluate capital improvement projects such as paving parking lots, installing new roofs, or large scale exterior paint work; then we develop a schedule of replacement and research pricing so that we can recommend an appropriate amount to either have on hand or to impound so there are no surprises for you.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance generates a solid rate of return in terms of risk mitigation and asset protection, so why wouldn’t we do it? We know that it’s hard to justify the cost for many companies, but we know (and the research tells us) that doing preventative maintenance isn’t just an additional return on investment for our owners, it keep tenants satisfied and downtimes minimized as well.

Owner Lunches

How better to keep our fingers on the pulse of building owner satisfaction than to meet with them face-to-face and share the status of their investments, while getting their direct feedback on our performance? Our CEO regularly chooses an owner to schedule lunch with each month and genuinely looks forward to the constructive value of building the relationships that help both Aborn Powers and our owners to grow.

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