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The Aborn Powers team functions as a seamless unit by streamlining their services and continually communicating within and across all departments. Each team has their own goals to guide them, but they all understand how they contribute to the whole experience of property management, which is evident in the exceptional customer satisfaction numbers and continuous customer compliments.


Our administrative team is so focused on providing you and your investment with the utmost care and concern, you’d think their department should be called “customer service”. The loyal Aborn Powers administrative team collectively keeps their fingers on the pulse of your investment, from monitoring your accounts for accuracy, to producing meaningful monthly reports and documenting all tenant communication. Not only that, whenever you contact them, it will never feel like just business. We have sincere human beings that take your calls and respond to your concerns efficiently, every single time.

To contact Aborn Powers regarding accounting, invoices, reports, compliments, concerns, email admin@abornpowers.com or call: 530-676-6760

Property Managers

Our property management team is a well-oiled machine with many years of industry experience, with our goal being for you to never have another day of worry about your investment. From start to finish, they are proactive, staying a step ahead of tenant concerns and ensuring lines of communication are open and going both ways. Our owner satisfaction rate is phenomenal, which is a testament to how effective and efficient our managers are. Not only are our property managers proactive, we ask our administrative staff to help support them with this commitment to quality by regularly gathering feedback from our tenants and property owners to guarantee we catch even the tiniest issue before it hatches into something bigger.

To contact Aborn Powers regarding building concerns, lease questions, property improvements, email propmgrs@abornpowers.com or call: 530-676-6760


Just like our property managers, our maintenance team is focused on staying a step ahead of tenant and owner concerns. Their long years of experience help us achieve minimal downtime and inconvenience for our tenants. And while they’re experience speaks for itself, they never stop learning, staying on top of the most effective and efficient industry options for repairs and daily maintenance, which in turn keeps costs low (and management happy too). While ongoing training and learning helps broaden the scope of what they are capable of, they also know when to call in experts and have strong relationships with contractors and vendors that ensure quality, long-term repairs or improvements.

To contact Aborn Powers regarding maintenance, contact your property manager or submit a request online.


Our CEO leads the way by being the example of everything they expect from the rest of our staff, from administrative to maintenance. With a strong work ethic and a level of integrity that ensures owners and tenants are never faced with surprises, our CEO sets the tone for a business that operates like no other. The values of the company are clear in everything she does, whether it’s hiring staff, regular meetings with owners, volunteering her extensive industry knowledge or just growing the business, we see the care and integrity she lives by and we are lucky to have her at the helm.

To contact Aborn Powers regarding new business, contact our CEO at: Laurenp@abornpowers.com

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3161 Cameron Park Dr., Suite 205
Cameron Park, CA 95682‎

Phone: 530-676-6760
Phone: 916-638-2611
Fax: 530-677-3528
Email: info@abornpowers.com

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